Mar 2, 2011

Holy Smoke E-cigarette

Just wanna share this..

My brother wanted to stop smoking and he learned of the e-cigarettes few months ago. He went to Southmall but found nothing. Meron pala d2 sa SM Center.. hehe

According to some sites:

Never heard of vaping? It’s the preferred term for using an electronic cigarette, a relatively recent invention that produces a steam-like nicotine vapor. Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, may or may not be a healthful alternative to regular “analog” cigarettes — few studies on them exist. Nevertheless, they’re becoming the entertainment industry’s new habit.

The package comes with this. He bought this for P1,000 pesos only. P600 for the cigarette pack and P400 for the vapor liquid.

The pack comes with 6 filters..

The e-stick.. It is battery operated.

The vapor liquid.

According to my brother, its really like the real cigarette. I asked him some questions and i learned that once the smoke has gone when you puff the stick, you just have to put 2 to 3 drops of the vapor to the filter and voila may usok na ulit..

Hubby and I tried it and we were amazed of this invention. I asked him if he want it also and he said yes so he can stop smoking too. We just dont know if theres any negative effect when you use this..

What about you? Do you know anything about this e-cigar?


  1. I have been a chain smoker since I was a teen. My doctor told me that I should quit smoking for my lungs are weak. But it was not so easy. So some of my friends introduce e-cigarette to me and so I tried it. The taste is really the same just like your smoking a real cigarette. e-cigarette let's you smoke without compromising your health.

  2. may kasama na tong charger?

  3. Hi. Yup its complete set already.

  4. i'm using this one right now ,,, it's really effective mas masarap sya kesa tunay na cigarettes :) bgo plng aq sa pg smoking habit mga 3 yrs plng , it really helps u quit smoking w/o quitting smoking :D

  5. Hi Anonymous. Congrats for quitting! Sana mag-tuloy-tuloy na yan :)

  6. hi my husband use it for about a month ok talaga ,, but i want to know kung may side effect ito suddenly kasi sumisikip ang dibdib nya pagginagamit nya to is that the side effect??

  7. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for dropping by. Actually i have no idea kung ano ang side effects nya kasi nung ginamit sya ng brother ko, wala naman syang nararamdaman na kakaiba. If your husband experience chest pain, advise him to see a doctor kasi di natin alam kung dun yun sa e-cigs dba?