Mar 31, 2011

Phil. Prudential Insurance..

Yesterday (wed), i was absent from work to go to Philippine Prudential life in SM Southmall for Annalyn's account (cousin of hubby). She called me overseas last Monday because one of her insurance lapsed. She emailed and called customer service to asked what have happened. After she talked with the customer service, she informed me kung anong nangyari and ask if i can go there and pay for the penalty and dues, kasi sayang nman yung insurance nya.

Their office is located beside the Casa Medica, at first youll never notice that it is office because lots of the banner was posted in their wall and a small door will lead you to their office. After talking to their customer service, she accompany me inside and settled to one of the tables.

After i sit, someone gave me free iced tea, i was waiting for almost 30 minutes and i am wondering that time why no one approach me and ask for my agenda there.

I sit beside this couple, sa sobrang tagal nag-picture n lang ako for my blog.
"Ate, yung Bag mo may tag pa" hehe

Grabe ang tagal ng service d2.

After 45 minutes, one guy approached me and just gave me a piece of paper that has the amount in it that im going to pay. Hindi man lang ako tinanong kung anong relationship ko kay Annalyn.

After paying the said amount, i just go out of the office. Mag-iinquire sana ko ng insurance nila pero nadismaya ako sa service nila. Hay.. interesado pa nman ako to get an insurance kasi matatapos na yung Sunlife insurance ko... Sayang.

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