Oct 25, 2012

Im a proud Mama here...

Last Monday, i had to cancel some of my appointments to give way for my daughter's event in school. It's their Girl Scout investiture. It was scheduled at 12nn to 4pm. Father-in-law brought Tami to school while i followed after 30 minutes. She thought i wasn't present but was delighted when i waved at her saying "Im here".

Getting ready to be a girl scout.

The program was really long...

What makes me proud is that when i saw my daughter speak in front of all. This shy type kid is really impressive though her lines is not that long im still proud of her!

So happy that my daughter can speak well in English.

The program was really long. In the end they had a dance number and my daughter dance to her heart out with Call Me Maybe Tune. 

Im'ma proud Momma here!


  1. Wow! stage mother! ang laki na ni Tami... may dalaga ka na. =)

    1. Naku Einz, mula nung naging stay-at-home mom ako naging stage mother na din ako.. hahaha.. Si brandon binata na din ha ska ang gwapo ng anak mo :)...