Oct 22, 2012

Coffee Time at Starbucks Las Pinas

Last week, my friend texted me if i want to have coffee and if im available that day. I replied saying im available at around 6pm after my appointment with a client. Time was set and we met around 6pm at Starbucks in Las Pinas, the nearest from my place. She lives in Cavite and went to Las Pinas just to have coffee.

Pag gusto talaga may paraan.. hahaha

Meet Lot, one of my college friends.

We used to call her Balot because of her name. Pretty no? Flawless pa and single pa yan :) Ganyan sya pag bored pa-kape-kape na lang... Imagine she came from work in Makati, went home in Cavite to change clothes and then go to Starbucks Las Pinas kasi bored lang sya.. 

Everytime we set a coffee date with Acquey, hindi kami magtagpong tatlo ng schedule kasi ang natutuloy lang is yung mga impromptu na lakad. This time Acquey is not available.

Our dinner

Ensaymada and Green Tea Frap for Lot
Cinnamon Swirl and the new Salted Caramel Mocha for Me :)

I love having coffee dates with my friends. Wala kaming ginawa kundi magkwentuhan with our lives, lovelife, business, etc.

Starbucks is really the place for tsismisan.. haha. We were there at 6pm and left by 8pm. Till next coffee date my friend!

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