Oct 18, 2012

Happy Lemon, Happy Me :)

Last time, i went to Serendra to meet my client because of some documents needed to submit in the developer. It was really my plan to drop by in Happy Lemon located in High Street because i can't find Gong Cha near the place. Since i love milk tea, i feel like a happy camper thinking of tasting Happy Lemon for the first time which is good according to some of my previous colleagues.

Upon arriving in Market-Market, i headed to Happy Lemon and bought one of their recommendations...

System where you can review your order.. Nice!

Some of the offer...

Who would've thought that this brand is a milk tea place?

Happy Lemon Recommendations...

My Milk Tea

Add-ons consists of Pearls, Grass jelly and Pudding.


Milk Tea is ok kaya lang matabang considering i mentioned a 100% sugar. Nevertheless, i still love it!

Typing this post makes me want to go to Cobo and buy Milk Tea.. Calling Hubby!!!!

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