Oct 22, 2012

One Friday Afternoon >>> TokyoTokyo, Chatime, Conti's and Johnny Rockets

Two weeks ago (Friday), i didn't have meetings, trippings and other schedule etc. in short its my free time. Isang himala na wala akong schedule that day kaya sinamantala ko yung time with my daughter. I also texted my friend so we can meet because i also have to give the bag that she bought in my online store. I brought Tami with me para naman makapag-play and we can go malling together. Ok lang umabsent minsan lang naman eh.. hehe

We went to ATC before lunch. We ate in Tokyo-Tokyo first then stay in timezone, play in Dave's Funhouse, bought toy in Toy Store and while the kids play kami naman ng friend ko puro chikahan lang.. Tsismosa lang ang peg! haha

After getting tired, we went to Chatime to have some snacks and milk tea...

Jaden and Tami

My friend Acquey with her son Jaden, Tami and Me

Thanks to Jaden's Yaya at may taga-picture kami..

Our snacks..

Tami loved milk tea too. We stayed in Chatime till 4pm at wala kaming ginawa kundi magkwentuhan. As if we didn't see each other for years. Dami kong nalaman ha!

After our never-ending kwentuhan my friend and her son needed to leave because it's her time to go online and talk with her hubby. We bid goodbye and left.

Tami took this photo..

We were about to go home when hubby called saying he will follow in ATC and that we can have merienda/dinner. Tami was against his papa's decision because she wants to go home and play with her new toy. Hubby talked with Tami and promise that he will buy her another toy if she stays in ATC and waited for him. Sino ba namang bata ang ayaw ng another toy dba? 

I was still bloated with all the food we ate. Imagine Lunch at Tokyo Tokyo, Snacks in Chatime.. Grabe! Tapos dadating si Badz magyayayang kumain :(

When hubby arrived, i was telling him of what we did since lunch and we're still full. Ayun naglakad-lakad kami and visit some boutiques para malaman ko yung price nung ibang binebenta ko sa store ko.. hehe. After  walking around, we finally settle to Johnny Rockets to have merienda or an early dinner.

Another First time :)

Conti's Mango Bravo

I bought this cake slice because i want sweet that time..

While waiting:

Tami keep on putting 1 peso coin and picking a song. As if alam nya yung mga yun. Enjoy lang sya sa paghulog ng piso at pagpindot dun sa numbers...

Ayan natahimik na ang bata..

Then our order started to arrive...

Water for me, Soda for hubby and iced tea for Tami. Hubby bought Starbucks before going to Johnny Rockets...


The staff dancing... kaya pala tagal dumating ng order namin... hahaha

Free taste ng Strawberry shake!

Hotdog Meal for Tami.

She requested her hotdog topped with cheese just like in Jollibee so we pay additional P50 for the cheese alone! Ang mahal ng cheese no?

Nasan ba ang cheese? Ayun oh sa gitna ng hotdog...

Hubby's order ---> Premium Rocket Double Burger with Salad :)

Di nya alam kung pano kakainin yung burger sa laki eh... haha.. Ako naman i ate the salad. Hindi na ko umorder for me kasi sobrang busog pa ko. Kinain ko na lang yung salad ni Badz and i help tami eat the fries.

Walang laki-laki sa gutom na tao. At hindi nya pa naubos ang burger :)

What a tummy full friday! Whew! 

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