Oct 17, 2012

Hey! Im still Alive....

........ and super busy.

Ever since i left the corporate world, i concentrate on being a mommy, wife and a small time entrepreneur :)    I honestly enjoyed being a stay at home mom but got bored too so i went back to being an agent and became a property consultant. I became super duper busy since then and hubby mentioned one time na wala na kong time na lumabas... So whenever i have free time i make sure to catch up with hubby and our daughter.

Being a property consultant and an online store owner, i had my own time and can schedule my own activity. I got to attend to my daughter's needs in the morning until she left for school. After that, i have to do some errands and check my online store, email and sometimes meet with clients hanggang sa gabi na ko nakakauwi. With this routine, wala na kong time na maturuan si tami with her school lessons.

I talked with her adviser and ask for recommendation for tutorial after school so Tami can study with the teacher's guide. I know this will cost me a lot because tutors will be paid per hour per day pero ok lang basta matutukan ang studies ng baby ko na dapat ako ang gumagawa.

Tami cooperates well with my plan and yesterday was her first day with her new found teacher (tutor). I came home around 8pm and when i asked my daughter about her one-on-one tutorial, ok naman daw.

Another thing that keeps me busy is my online store. I attend to my online store clients whenever i have time to go online. This online store is really a blessing to me and i am thankful for my relatives in the US for helping me in buying goods to sell. Income in my online store suffice our daily needs so my income (commissions) being a real estate agent is just an extra :) Think BIG! hahaha

You can visit my online store anytime. Click this ---> (Tami's E-shop FB Page)

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As of now, i can say that im doing good with all my raket. Luho is not my thing now. You rarely see me in malls or buying expensive stuffs. Siguro pinakagastos ko lang is milk tea, coffee, or dining out during the day and im proud of myself :)

I keep on working hard  to help hubby pay our house in less than 10 yrs. Plan of buying a new car, travel to Japan so i can bring Tami to Sanrio Puroland which will happen in 2014. (Yes, may date na yan because all the expenses will be coming from my commissions Woot! Woot!).. That's all our plan now. *cross-finger na walang kumontra*. I am so thankful that i am blessed with a skill na kung pano mambola #salestalk. hehe... 

Its so happy to announce that i am now entitled in our broker's office to an all expense paid local trip next year. 20 Million more until Dec 10 and my trip will be an all expense paid trip abroad.. Woo Hoo!!!

#Pangarap ng isang simpleng tao at isa ko dun!

Help me ok? If you know a friend, relative, officemate who plans of acquiring a property please refer me as an agent or kung wala refer na lang my online store... hehe

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