Oct 11, 2011

Pisonet Business

Have you heard of Pisonet Business?

Pisonet Business is similar to computer shop business but instead of getting taga-bantay, this business dont need one because its like a videoke or video game that has coin slot and you just need to put P1.00 coin and the timer will start then you can use internet or play games... So parang its easy to manage kasi wala kang babantayan na oras ng mga customers, maghuhulog lang sila ng piso pag gusto nilang gumamit just like pldt telephone booth in malls.. Hulog lang ng hulog ng piso kung gusto mong mag-continue using the machine.

My brother put-up this business in front of our house in Laguna and he started with 8 units. He capitalized P200,000 for this and in less than 2 months, he decided to buy again 2 units from all the earnings of his units. According to him, ang bilis daw mabawi because in a month bawi na ang isang unit for every 4 pairs of computer. Galing no?

This is how pisonet looks like:

Yesterday while in the hospital, my youngest brother texted me if i can accompany him to MOA to buy 2 computers, i agreed but on one condition: he will treat me to lunch or merienda. He agreed to my condition and decided to meet after lunch since he will be coming from Laguna pa.

According to brother again, there is one store in MOA that you can buy computer or any parts that has the same price of Gilmore. It is the same store but the main branch is in Gilmore. He gave me the contact number of Asus branch in Gilmore and in MOA so i can call and check the price and the availability of the items. After calling, i conclude that they have the same price so we ask them to reserve the parts and will be picking up in their MOA branch.

Asus Branch in MOA

So if you wanna buy computer with Gilmore price, you can go here to Asus MOA branch because it is guaranteed cheaper compare to others but has the same brand of products. The staff are very accomodating also.

After going to Asus outlet in MOA and pay the 2 units, they inform us to just wait because some of our needed parts is on its way pa from their Gilmore branch so instead of waiting, we decided to take our lunch. It was my brother's treat so im thinking where to eat then.

I said i want yakimix so we went to the restaurant but we were so wrong timing because it was already close for lunch, i want an eat-all-you can para naman to the highest level lafang sana. We went to Cabalen but my brother dont want Filipino food so pass na sa mga Filipino food resto. Don Henricos has an eat-all-you can offer but i learned that MOA branch didnt offer that, bakit ganun? We went to the other side and look for the Chinese restaurant that he has eaten before na gustong-gusto nya pero close na pla... hehe..

After walking back and forth looking for what i want, nagalit na ang kapatid ko dahil ang tagal ko daw pumili at gutom na gutom na daw sya. Eh sakto nasa tapat kami ng Tokyo-Tokyo nun at sa sobrang kakahanap ko, kung ano pa yung ayaw kong kainan, dun pa kami bumagsak. Hindi naman sa ayaw ko ng Tokyo-Tokyo pero syempre gusto ko naman ng ibang Japanese resto, i was telling na dun na lang kami sa Sakae Sushi kaso nga bad trip na at wag na daw akong mag-inarte... Hay naku, kung alam ko lang na Tokyo-Tokyo ang kakainin ko sana di na ko nagpunta ng MOA, sayang lang pamasahe ko.. hehe

Here's my youngest brother checking the receipt from Asus branch..

Our food

I was dissapointed with Potato Balls, it was my fave from Tokyo-Tokyo pero iba na sya, para na syang PBalls ng Karate Kid, more on flour. I just settled with my Maki and Yakisoba.

After eating, we went back to Asus because they were going to assemble the unit. Before they assemble the unit, they will show you the parts that you bought then they will test it all.

The units that he bought.

Did you know that computers is so cheap now? Grabe in less than 20k, may complete desktop PC ka na with good specs na yun ha... and 19" LED Samsung monitor... Panalo talaga!

He said to me that if i want to put 4 units in one of his friend's place, he's willing to monitor it and im so happy when he offer it to me. I immediately agreed and talk with Kuya Bing because he want to try doing business na kahit ano. Kuya Bing and I plan of purchasing 4 units in November kasi sabi ni brother pilitin daw namin before christmas.

And im now back to computer business but ang maganda d2, no more puyatan because im just investing here and my brother will monitor it. Ok na dba? Galing ko talagang mag-train sa kapatid ko.. Manang-mana sken sa pagka-business minded... Keep it up bro and im so proud of you.


  1. hi nagustuhan ko post mo. salamat sa info tungkol sa Asus MOA. ang tanong ko isa, may recommend ba kayo bilihan nung computer coin box na mababa lan presyo? tnx. richie

    1. yung computer box yata sa quiapo meron... yung brother ko kasi may binibilhan sya sa laguna tapos kasama na mismo yung box ng computer.

  2. Ma'am ano po internet connection ang gamit nyo sa pisonet?