Oct 18, 2011

Quick Update and Celebrations coming up!

Sorry for not blogging over the weekend. As you may know, we currently resides at my in-laws house because my daughter got sick for almost a week and thank God it's not Dengue. She was diagnosed with Viral Infection. Im also busy preparing for the upcoming celebration (not really big) this coming weekend so please bear with me if i dont post regularly. I have some draft posts here in my blog but because im so busy i dont have time to think and finish my blog posts. Will do it all once im done with my things to do list.

Hubby and I will be celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary this coming Sunday.. Im still thinking of what to do or where to go kasi we have to think also the budget... Kahit this weekend pa ang anniv namin, Hubby told me that he has surprise for me so im excited with that surprise... Ill tell you about it next time kasi di ko pa rin alam eh...

Come Monday it is hubby's 30th birthday and as i was said in my previous blog he wants to celebrate it in my in-laws house hence the stay. He decided to celebrate it this coming Saturday, as usual i am the one tasked to prepare and order some food because Mama cant do it alone.

Some of my to-do list for hubby's bday:

1. Order some food in Ambers - i want to order the Pancit Malabon and Pichi-pichi as an additional food.
2. Order 60pcs cupcakes (not the one with icings: Banapple Walnut cupcake and Carrot Cake Cupcake) - We sampled my friend's cupcake and ill tell you its one of the B.E.S.T cupcake i ever tasted. She works abroad and recently came home for vacation till xmas.
3. Call for Beer Keg Rentals - finally i was able to get the contact number of SMB dealer in our area.
4. Tables and Chairs Rentals - as usual we need to rent again in Lobocap Las Pinas..
5. Do Grocery - Since Mama will be tasked to cook the ulam and some food, i just gave the budget for that. Im only going to buy the ingredients for the dessert because i volunteer to make one.
6. Cake - i want sana Kink Cakes for hubby but he dont want it kasi bastos daw... hehe... Nakakahiya naman daw sa mga Supervisors nya kaya Red Ribbon na lang.
7. Gift - ang hindi pwedeng mawala sa special occasion...

Hay... so many things to do but so little time. I have to do it all this week, sana kayanin ko to kasi dami ring work sa office. Aja!

By the way, i want to announce na gawa na ang aming bahay!!! Hubby went to Pag-ibig office in Makati yesterday to sign the papers.. Di namin inexpect na ganun kabilis ang turn-over, he was told by the Pag-ibig staff to expect the call for turn-over next week. Waahhh... Ayoko pang lumipat!!!

Hubby and I need to have a sit-down meeting for our plans... Re: Extension of the house construction, date of transfer etc.... Good Luck to us!!!

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