Oct 4, 2011

SM Center's Cafe France

Last Sunday, hubby mentioned that he will join Tami and me in doing grocery at SM Center. We leave the house at 4pm because i have to go to BDO and deposit some moolah and update my dollar account. While i was in line in BDO, hubby and Tami went to play house (Tom's World ba yun?) and play together then went to grocery after doing my bank errands. After doing our grocery, we also decided to have an early dinner before going to my in-laws house para ihatid si Tami.

Cafe France is a good place to have some coffee and light snacks. I heard that Cafe France is the previous Delifrance, is this true? If it is, i associated Delifrance with variety of breads, sandwiches and the baguette and now, Cafe France offers heavy meals so its time to try their meals.

Cafe France counter

From the counter we saw two meals offer: the Roast Chicken and the Pork Steak. Unfortunately the Pork is not available so hubby go with the Roast Chicken.

Pasta Counter

I was about to order the Carbonara but hubby requested the Lasagna for us so he can taste the Cafe France Lasagna. He don't want to eat Carbonara anymore because it was her mom's specialty and i am proud to say that its one of the best Carbonara that i have tasted.

View from where we sat.

I requested water first because of Tami.. Ang cute nung glass no?

After waiting for a couple of minutes, our orders started to arrive:

Iced Tea Lemon for Tami and Cafe Latte Hot for me

Mocha Frappe for Hubby

Roast Chicken

Presentation is ok but nothing fantastic about it. According to hubby, chicken is soft and the gravy is not that salty. Just like any ordinary meal.


Cafe Frances' Lasagna is not that awesome as i want it to be, siguro kung mas maraming cheese mas masarap to and the garlic bread is not that soft, parang bubble gum lang, gets? I guess its not worth the P200.00 price.

According to him, his mocha frappe is good as well as our drinks.

All in all, our early dinner was ok. Not too good but enough to fill our tummy. 

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