Oct 20, 2011

Hotbed in Zenyu Eco Spa.. I want!

Whenever im home and nothing to do, i go online and search anything in the internet like new bags, online shopping, blog hopping etc. A while ago, i was thinking of hotel to spend the night with hubby on our wedding anniversary, still not sure if he will like it or not pero try ko na rin if he want it.

After searching the newest and recently opened hotel in Google, Hotel H2O comes first. 

Hotel H2O

Promo rate P 5,978.00 for an overnight stay.

When viewed the published rate in Hotel H2O website, the bayview room is priced at PhP 11,200. So i searched promo rates in Agoda, Hotels.com etc and that is the cheapest that i got. The only problem is the availability, as you can see the remaining available is 3 rooms only. Hope i can get one for our anniversary...

The reason why i like to go in Hotel H2O is because of the Zenyu Eco Spa.

Zenyu Eco Spa

Zenyu eco spa means complete healing in Japanese. Zenyu eco spa does not only offer pampering and relaxation services, but also a healing component through the negative ion hot bed treatment.

This negative ion hotbed is part of the Ecoparadise Deoxidation Center that started in Japan and has branched out to Malaysia and Singapore.

Ecoparadise Japan recognized the power of nature with its studies on negative ions. A clean and fresh environment is free of bacteria and viruses, and has a balance of electrical charges in the soil and the environment.

I wanna try the negative ion hotbed. After reading some blogs about it, it shows that its good for the health and its great experience for those people who work and want to de-stress....

Hotel H2O in Google Maps

Zenyu Eco Spa can be found in Hotel H2O inside Manila Ocean Park. I want to bring Tami to Manila Ocean Park but maybe next time because my plan will be for hubby and me only for our anniversary...

You can visit the Hotel H2O and Zenyu Eco Spa here.

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