Oct 5, 2011

Hubby's Preference for our Future Abode

Last week, my Engineer cousin texted me if i can send to his email the ideas (design) so he can give it to his friend Architect. The construction is still on process and my cousin is now doing the plan of the extension on the back part of our house because we need to send the blue print plan for developer's approval.

I posted last month my design preference from Ikea (Click here to see what are my preference) and after looking for another set of design. Hubby showed his design preference to me. We combine the photos so the Architect will have an idea of what design we want.

Here's hubby's preference:

Living Room

He want the design less the plant but i think mas maganda yung napili ko. hehe


Its almost the same with my design but hubby want a combination of red and white color. In Ikea design, the kitchen that i want is in white color.

Countertop and Dining Room

Remember the sliding door in Ikea living room? We'll have that and instead of wall we want the countertable to be placed in that corner near the dining table, just like in this photo. 

Entertainment Room

We will extend the front part to have this, this area will be across Tami's room. We want modern design terrace and this space will lead to terrace. The ground part of the terrace will be the car garage.

Master's bedroom bathroom

This is adjacent to our walk-in closet. The bowl would be across the lavatory and we both want that glass for the shower.

Walk-in Closet

Etong-eto yung design na gagawin samin because the size fit the space. So its like on the right part would be the bathroom and the left part is the walk-in closet. Door is in the middle.

What do you think?

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