Oct 26, 2011

Hotbed/Massage in Zenyu Eco Spa

My reason why i want to go in Hotel H2O is because of the Hotbed in Zenyu Eco Spa.

After settling in our room and while hubby is sleeping, i went to Zenyu Eco Spa and im excited to try the first Spa in the Philippines that offers hotbed treatment. Kahit medyo masakit pa ang katawan ko ska ulo ko pumunta pa rin ako because i know that the hotbed is good for the body.

(Please bear with my photos because i used my BB here in Zenyu Eco Spa)

Zenyu eco spa means complete healing in Japanese. Zenyu ecospa does not only offer pampering and relaxation services, but also a healing component through the negative ion hot bed treatment.

This negative ion hotbed is part of the Ecoparadise Deoxidation Center that started in Japan and has branched out to Malaysia and Singapore.

Ecoparadise Japan recognized the power of nature with its studies on negative ions. A clean and fresh environment is free of bacteria and viruses, and has a balance of electrical charges in the soil and the environment.

Capillary Scope

I was given a test and see how my blood circulate and the difference with negative ion. Nakaka-amaze talaga, everyone should try this hotbed.. Now i know why Japanese has healthy bods.

Everyone will be given lockers for your valuables...

The attendant gave me yukata, towel and disposable underwear. Yes you heard it right. Youre going inside the hotbed with the disposable undies and yukatas.

Me after changing clothes... Getting ready for the hotbed..

My locker key..

Me already sitting on the brown bricks...

The hotbed room is made out of bricks and the brown color bricks emits negative ions. The room is like dry sauna but the heat is coming from the floor. Amazing right?

With my towel and water...

By the way, even if its hot inside, you can bring your cellphone and its safe.. Kita nyo naman nakakapag-picture pa ko.

Me sweating like a pig! hehe

After the hotbed i feel so good and nawala sakit ng ulo ko, had massage after the hotbed. I highly recommend the hotbed and I wanna go back in Zenyu Eco Spa.... Calling my office buddies.

For inquiries about Zenyu Eco Spa, you can call (632) 2386190 or (632) 2386100.


Hotbed: PhP 400 for 30 to 40 mins.
Massage: PhP 700 for 60 mins.

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