Jul 2, 2011

FIC - Fruits in Ice Cream

I came to a family who love desserts especially ice cream. I eat ice cream once in a while but im not like them that almost every meal are looking for something sweet to satisfy their sweet tooth. But if the ice cream is like fro-yo, definitely i will get it because one thing is for sure, it is good for the health and not too much calories.

Recently, Fruits in Ice cream brand put up a small kiosk in our cafeteria, I saw this brand in ATC but never had the chance to try it. Last time (i think wednesday) during our lunch, me and my team mate was intrigued of this brand and decided to try.

The kiosk in our cafeteria...

Medyo pricey lang sya... P55.00 per scoop.

I ordered 1 scoop of FIC in Pistachio flavor. I noticed that the texture is not that smooth but i love that there are lots of pistachio nuts in ice cream itself. After you get your scoop of ice cream i think you have to eat it immediately kasi ang bilis matunaw.

There are also lots of flavors to choose from:

I like FIC but my favorite is still the ice cream that can be found on the street of Orchard Road in SG. The SG$ 1.00 ice cream with bread. Yummy..

For more info about the Fruits in Ice Cream, visit their site here.

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