Jul 25, 2011

My Home-Made Cheeseburger

You all know that we are on tipid-mode because of our upcoming expenses and being a mommy, we want our family to eat healthy foods right? So what i did, during my grocery time, i decided to buy ingredients for cheeseburger, i want to try a home-made cheeseburger. Its really my first time to do this, looking at a cheeseburger served in local food chains, i think its so easy to make one.

Yesterday morning and this morning, i make cheeseburgers for our household. 5 cheeseburgers to be exact. Yeeeesss.... nanay na nanay ang dating haha...

The ingredients that i bought for my home made cheeseburger:

CDO burger patties



Hamburger Buns

Aside from these things that i bought, i also have some in the fridge to complete the ingredients of my burger like tomatoes, ketchup and cheese.. Very easy to prepare.

After preparing the ingredients, i cooked and arrange the ingredients to make it presentable...errr... presentation is not really good as the burger king but the taste of my home-made burger is like friday's.. choz!

Hubby on his first burger...

And the other four burgers for all of us.

A little bit messy but really delish...

Tami knows how to compliment me, she said "Mama, sarap ng burger nten" and she want me to make burger for her baon in school. Hay anak sana hindi ka nambobola... hehe

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