Jul 10, 2011

Tapa King, i love!

I am a breakfast person. My day wouldn't be complete without breakfast and i guess it is my energy booster. But who says that Tapa King is for breakfast only?

Last Saturday that we go to work (restday ot), me and my colleagues were thinking of something new to eat around the building for our lunch. Something that we haven't tried to visit yet. When its time for our lunch, It just happened that we have leche flan for our dessert and we are so hungry that time and don't want to think more on were we should take our lunch, We went directly on the ground floor of our building were Tapa King is located. Yep! Tapa King for our lunch.

Tapa King counter..

We're the only diner that time... and what we like in the Tapa King Net Plaza, The Fort branch is their wifi access, they have the fastest wifi service in the area and some of the employees of our company stay outside just to have access to Tapa King's free wifi... hehe


Almost all of my colleagues order the Tocilog.

Boneless Bangus

Since im on a diet (*ehem*), i opted for this meal. And boneless bangus is also my favorite.

extra rice

All of us ordered extra rice because we feel na konti lang ang sineserve na rice. Talagang kulang pa. hehe

And the highlight of our lunch:

Leche flan

Gave by our friend in the office, our request everytime she goes to Batangas. Thanks Ja! next time ulit ha... hehe

Like Tapa King's Vinegar?

Display lang pala. hehe

Need Tapa King Menu? Click here to see their official website.

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