Jul 27, 2011

Yaya's Debut

Our new househelp had her debut last Monday. I believe that 18th birthday is one of the important birthday in every girl's life. Since i dont want her to spend her salary, we gave her just a very simple celebration.

I went to Aling Lucy's Panciteria located in Real St. across the Jollibee and Starbucks in Las Pinas and bought something for her birthday. I instructed the cashier to have it delivered in our house around 3PM because im going to bring the cake with me. I pay then went to Red Ribbon for the cake.

We've known Aling Lucy's Panciteria since high school and college days, if we have programs in the school and we are assigned to bring food, Aling Lucy's was the top choice and even now especially in Seton School, Aling Lucy's Panciteria is the place to go to when it comes to take-out order of food.

The sizes.

They offer all kinds of Pancit here. Before going here, i asked hubby what pancit he wants to eat and he said to order the Pancit Canton. Para maiba din kasi lagi na lang Bihon ang order namin.

They also renovated the area and you can dine in also there. They serve merienda sizes and they also have lots of food to offer. I find the place so clean and for sure the food aside from the pancit is delish because you can see the tables occupied everytime i go there.

Here's what i bought for the birthday celebration of Tami's yaya:

Pancit Canton (good for 15 persons)

See the toppings?

This is what i like with Aling Lucy's, aside from the presentation and the way they pack it, for sure malinis yung food because its the first thing that the customer will notice. They also put lots of toppings and ill tell you that is very tasty. Its really worth your money.


and the dedication cake that i bought from Red Ribbon..

The birthday celebrant - very prepared. hehe

Before we start to chow, i asked her to blow the candle first and took some pictures for her to keep as a remembrance from us. (Si tami  nainggit mag-blow)

We only had few visitors, the celebrant's sister, some of our neighbor's yaya with their alaga which is tami's playmates also. We are less than 20 people in the house during that celebration but they enjoy the mini party kasi makukulit din yung ibang yaya.

Tami and her favorite playmate, the baby lives beside our unit.

The simple birthday celebration was a success, may mga take home food pa ang mga yayabels...

Happy Birthday Ne.
Thank you for taking care of Tami and treating her like your sister.
I hope you are enjoying your work with us.

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