Jul 25, 2011

Facebook's Video Chat

Have you tried video chat in Facebook?

Last night, hubby's cousin Julius together with his wife Anna ping hubby because they want to chat with us. We have Skype account and YM account but we want to try FB's video calling and see how it works.

After hubby downloaded the link, we were amazed of how fast the video chat is.  It is better from the other and is like skype-ing, the good thing is even if you're chatting you can also do things with your fb account. Amazing right?

Julz and Anna lives in Japan and they tied the knot recently. Julz was working in Japan for years already while Anna is a japanese citizen. Weve known Anna since were in college because Julz and Anna were schoolmates and she's also one of the tambay in our computer shop before. And who would think na sila pala ang magkakatuluyan in the end? Love really find its way...

We talked last night until 2am, kamustahan and talk about anything that happens in our lives. We also talked about their plan of going home in April 2012. The plan of going to Boracay with the whole family and their beach wedding here in the Phils.. We also talked about us going to Japan for a vacation. They are inviting us to go there but i told them not now, we'll see next year if we are done with the house. We planned of travelling if we are complete with the things in the house or pag wala ng masyadong gastos.

Anyway back to fb's video chat, i find it more useful than skype because of its fast connection or service. FB really did an amazing job for putting this video chat, sana nga lang ibalik na nila yung dating chatbox.. hehe

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