Mar 30, 2012

3D2N CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon Trip Series: Camiguin Tour (Gui-ob Church, White Island, Walkway to Volcano, Sunken Cemetery and Ardent Hot Spring)

Since im in-charge with the trip, i talked with the receptionist in Paras Beach Resort regarding with our Camiguin Tour. With so many travels i've been to, getting a package with travel agencies consists of tour na hindi naman maganda, i mean its better to transfer to another place than stay to a boring and not so nice spot, for sure you know what i mean.

Our package consists of a whole day tour (maximum of 8 hrs) to the following tourists spots:

Walkway to Old Volcano      Sto. Nino Cold Spring
Sunken Cemetery      J&A Fish Pen
Gui-Ob Church       Ostrich Farm
                   Katibawasan Falls       Soda Water Swimming Pool
     Hibok-Hibok Ardent Hot Spring

Of all the tourists spots, we chose only few that is worth a visit. Entrance fees are on us. We pay P250.00 each in the resort for all the entrance fees.

Relaxing before going to our tour.

Before leaving the resort for the tour, we saw Aiza Seguerra together with her special someone :)

 Our tour service. 

Nagulat kami when we saw our service. We thought were just using a cab (mini jeep) for our tour kasi for sure mababasa kami. Instead, the receptionist gave us towel each incase daw mabasa kami during the tour.

The towels

 On the way to tourist spots.

Our First Stop: Gui-ob Church

The place is open to anyone and there are some persons in the place assigned to tour other people. According to the guide, This is the only church in Camiguin but when the volcano errupts years ago, its one of the affected spot. Nasira daw talaga lahat.

 Group picture

 The new small church. The old church was gone and with the help of other people, they were able to construct this small church.

 On the other side of the small church is the bishop's convent. Behind us is the old convent, also damaged by the volcano eruption. 

Before leaving the Gui-ob church, don't forget to share your blessings by giving donation to the church. Donation box can be found near the entrance :)

Second Stop: Walkway to Volcano

This is the only picture that we had with the walkway to volcano because we never tried going up. We are not prepared to go on a 100 steps stairs to see the place... Nakakapagod no.. Ayaw na din kasi namin tumagal because we want to go in White Island.

Third Stop: Sunken Cemetery

Sunken Cemetery was famous in Camiguin. It was only photo opt to tourists going to Camiguin. There was some people offering a boat ride going to that cross for a small fee but thinking of cemetery under that water is scary kaya we opted not to go.

Our next stop then was Katibawasan Falls, it was so far from the resort and we never stayed long. Our itchy feet wants to go in White Island na kaya hindi na kami nagtagal dun, we dont have photo either. Instead, we went back to resort and prepare ourselves for the white island.


We were renting sana the Kayak but the resort didn't allow us to bring the Kayak in the white island, its only allowed nearby. Sayang naman :( The resort's boat brought us to the island. What's good about the white island is may signal. We were advised to text the receptionist pag magpapasundo na kami sa white island back to resort. Bongga dba?

 On the boat, behind us is the Paras Beach Resort.

We were so amazed with the white island. Ang init nga lang. You can rent beach umbrella for only P200.00.

Photos in White Island:

Photo taken by hubby using his ip4. This photo was his favorite kasi buhay na buhay daw yung kulay ng background. Picture perfect pa yung Hibok-Hibok volcano.

 According to them, this long stretch of sandbar in white island is visible only during morning. Pero hindi na daw ngayon, you can go there anytime of the day. Some told us that its best to go there at around 3pm till late in the afternoon which we did.

There are only few tourists when we arrive at around 3pm. We took lots of picture and swim like there's no tomorrow. Nag-swimming ako kahit meron ako. hehe

 Ang taong hindi takot sa araw. 

We enjoyed the most in white island. We stayed until past 5PM. Ang sarap tumambay, mag-swimming at maglakad sa powdery white sand. Ang alat nga lang ng tubig. hehe

Last Stop: Ardent Hibok-Hibok Hot Spring

This is the time we use the towel provided to us by the resort. We use the towel on our way to the Hotspring with our wet clothes. We arrived past 6pm already. Medyo scary lang yung way going there.

 For sure naman you're familiar with natural hot spring.

 Entrance fee: P30.00 each.

Sa white island hindi ako masyadong nagtagal sa tubig because its really hot at ayoko naman masunog yung balat ko pero dito sa hotspring, nagbabad talaga ko. Ang sarap ng pakiramdam namin, parang nawala lahat ng pagod namin because of the hot water, parang mina-massage yung likod namin sa mini falls sa pwesto namin. Kahit gabi na marami pa ring tao.

The places that we go to during our Camiguin tour is really worth the visit especially the white island and the hotspring. White Island is the best! Hope they maintain the place as clean as it is.

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