Mar 7, 2012

For Sale: Sony USB flash drive, Italy 925 Silver Jewelries, Chibi made of Polymer Clays

My friends have different rakets, whether its online or through word of mouth. One of my closest friend who is a stay at home mom taking care of her kids asked me if i can offer some of her goods to my officemates. I agreed kasi madali lang naman yun. I also want to help her kasi this is her only source of income. Not familiar of using internet in selling, i voluntereed to post her goods on my personal account in facebook. In this way, we can start to have a market.

Here are some of her goods, aside from goods from the US, she also has local goods. The only thing that i offer is the products that i also bought from her. Ayoko naman magmuka akong walking store. Beside maliliit lang to kaya pwedeng ilagay sa bag :)

Sony USB

Price: 8 Gig - P350.00
16 Gig - P450.00

Mura dba? But dont expect that its original. Based from my experience, ok naman ang quality.

Available pa in different  colors.

She also has Italy Silver just like what you see in mall like in Silverworks and Unisilver. Mas mura nga lang sa kanya.

Samples of what she offer:

I already offer this to my officemates at ang daming umorder. My friend was really overwhelmed, its really big help to her. She also gave me percentage of her profit so what i did was i also order silver jewelries for me and tami at konti na lang binayaran ko dahil sa commission ko.. hehe.. Ang sarap din pala tumulong, nagkakaron ako ng libreng items :)

My officemate whose also one of my close friend in the corporate world has a hobby of making accessories using Polymer clay and boy it was really cute.

Chibi in keychain type.

Different designs of chibi

Chibi in necklace style (with name pa yan)

Necklace (one of our officemate ordered this for her son's 7th bday)

Tyaga nya no? Imagine ginawa nya yung stik-o and marshmallow design na nasa maliit na bote. Super liit nyan.

If you have a party and looking for giveaways, this is the perfect goodies. You can have it in keychain type, cellphone accessories type, necklace and bracelet. Price is really cheap, starts at P125.00.

There you go... If you want to order to my friends, you can message me here or text me at 09228757273.

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