Mar 30, 2012

3D2N CDO-Camiguin-Bukidnon Trip Series: Going to Paras Beach Resort in Camiguin

Our first destination was Camiguin. From airport, we headed directly to Balingoan port for the ferry going to Camiguin Island. It's the only way to reach this island and it's also my first time to ride a RORO boat. After this trip, i swear to myself not to ride a RORO again. Kwento about it later. Enjoy sana ang camiguin trip kaya lang bigla akong nagkaron ng monthly period. Kainis dba?

The small port of Balingoan

Ticket to RORO going to Benoni port of Camiguin costs P160.00 each for one-way. You will also pay less than P5.00 for the tax yata yun. Tickets to and from Camiguin is not included in E-Philippines package. 

Travel time from Balingoan to Benoni port is almost one hour. When we arrive in Benoni Port, our service in Camiguin was already there and it took us another 30 mins land trip before reaching the famous Paras Beach Resort in Camiguin.

Paras Beach Resort was once a family vacation resort of the Paras family until it opened to public sometime ago. It was the famous resort in Camiguin and lots of tourists prefer the Paras Beach resort and i read a lot of positive reviews from the net.

The reception area

 The lobby in the reception area. The place was well-maintained and the people are very friendly.


When we arrived, all of us were given this souvenir necklace from the resort.

The camiguin island. Maliit lang pala talaga ang Camiguin kaya by ferry lang ang way to go there.

Welcome to Paras Beach Resort!!! hehe

The inviting pool of Paras Beach Resort.

We arrived on Sunday kaya medyo konti na lang ang guests. Mostly foreigners ang nakikita namin sa resort.

From the package that we got, the resort gave us 2 Family Lofts rooms.

Our room key

The rooms were really big. A big family of 6 to 10 can stay in 1 loft, actually all of us can stay in one loft but since we were given 2 family lofts room, apat lang kami sa isang room.

Hubby and I stayed on the loft at sa baba yung dalawa naming kasama. Tig-isa silang kama. hehe. We loved the bed because its so soft and comfy, the aircon was so cold at ang sarap matulog with the fluffy pillows.

The view outside our room.

The white line that you see in the photo is the white island, it's 5 minute boat ride from Paras Beach Resort that's why its recommended to stay in this place.

Hangin' around the place. 

When we arrive in resort at around 10am, the first thing that we did is to eat lunch after settling our things in the room. We were so hungry that time kasi naman ang layo talaga. Mga PG lang ang peg.. We were also scheduled for our Camiguin tour that same day kaya after we had lunch, nag-rest lang kami ng almost 2 hours then we leave na for the tour. (on my next post)

Planning of going to Camiguin? Here's the room list of Paras Beach Resort in Camiguin.

You can also get tours from this resort.

Paras Beach Resort's Aqua Sports..

Camiguin Tour on my next post!

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