Mar 10, 2012

Dove in Chatime, The Fort

Last week, me and my officemates walked in Chatime and bought milk teas. We were addicted na to milk tea and almost everyday nabili kami. Good luck to my baby fats...

Chatime branch in the fort is nice, ang sarap tumambay. The interiors consists of lavander, pink and white furnitures... We didnt have the chance to stay a little longer because we have work that time. As usual, lots of workload and im thankful for that because it means im earning a lot :) Echosera hehe.

Me, Jhoy and Ate Anna

Ate Anna and Janice

Everytime we go to Chatime, i always order new drink so i can taste different flavors from their menu. That time i bought Red Bean Milk Tea.

For me, walang pinagkaiba ang lasa, may grinded red beans lang sya aside from the tapioca.

For every transaction in Chatime, you will be given this Dove shampoo and conditioner samples. I tried this product the day after and i liked it. I had manageable and soft hair, ang bango pa :)

Next time, ill try yakult with milk teas and hopefully will have another set of dove samples... Actually ito lang ang ipupunta ko dun para makalibre ng shampoo and conditioner.. hehe. Joke lang.

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