Nov 17, 2011

Christmas Wishlist 2011

Yearly, i make a list of wants for christmas, wala lang baka lang kasi may mag-isip na bigyan ako ng regalo and didn't know what i want hence the wishlist.

Anyone could make naman a wishlist dba? There's no rule here saying you can't make one. I know everyone's wish is peace and love here in our country, who doesn't want that? Im just making my list this year (don't worry its not that hard to find or super expensive hehe), something that i can use everyday or once in a while.

All that im going to post in my wishlist are maybe expensive to some or maybe cheaper. Sure, i have the means to buy all in my wishlist but i have important things to buy or save for or should i say that our savings would be for our house.

Let me show you the wishlist:

Image stolen here (Lacoste Online Shop)


Yup, i want a new Lacoste Bag as my office bag. I know its kinda expensive for you but im sure its worth the price when it comes to quality. Agree?


I love going to mall so a gift certificate will be highly appreciated. hehe


I want to have a spa service once in a while because its my way to de-stress. I want to pamper myself in a spa and have body scrub, massage, mani-pedi and also diamond peel.


Overnight stay in hotel... or motel.. haha. Its my dream to enter a motel. Ever since hubby and i became couple, we never had the chance to enter a motel. Sabi kasi nya hindi daw ako bagay dun kaya naghohotel lang kami. Until now, dream ko pa rin sya kasi gusto kong makita kung katulad ba sya ng hotel, the ambience and how i feel pag nandun ako sa loob. hehe


And to those budget conscious, at wag naman sana puro ganito ang matanggap ko... hehe. i know this is way cheaper than any gift but there's something in coinbank na hindi ko ma-explain kung bakit ko sya gusto. Yes anyone can buy one including me but i feel motivated to save if someone gave me a cute coinbank..

iBeats from Dr. Dre. Official site. See here.

Well, its not my wish to have this. Its hubby who wants this Dr. Dre earphone. Kasi naman wala na syang maisip na gusto nya especially with gadgets kaya cguro eto lang naisip nya for his iphone. He loves to listen music on his phone kasi while on his way to office.

It's Tami's wish.

She's a big fan of Hello Kitty so if you want to give Tami something, Hello Kitty will be the best gift for her. Kahit ano pa yan, whether its small or big, cheap or expensive, kahit nga sa divisoria lang binili basta Hello Kitty, matutuwa yun.

And as a mother syempre i want my daughter to be happy kaya i include this here. If you can see and hear the video that we made, i asked her what she wants for Christmas and she voiced it out thru the video and said she wants the following: Hello Kitty house, Hello Kitty bike, Hello Kitty Bracelet and Earrings etc... basta puro  Hello Kitty...

Still don't know what to give? Don't worry because we accept this:


Hehe. Don't worry because if you give cash to Tami, it will be deposited to her own bank account :)

Enough of this wishlist. Writing this post makes me feel a little better and excited.

38 days na lang!!!

Do you have your christmas wishlist?

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