Nov 28, 2011

House Turn-over and Visitation

Our loan was released by Pag-ibig last November 23, 2011 and only last Saturday that we were able to go in developer's office to sign papers and issue PDC for the first 12 months. We went there with my in-laws because they also want to check my SIL's house.

Actually we were not expecting this because all the while and based from what i heard, Pag-ibig caused too much delay to some borrowers so we anticipated the turn-over to be early next year. Since our developer was one of the well-known here in our country, the processing of loan in Pagibig was really fast.

And i felt na this is it! We're starting next month with our monthly amortization in Pag-ibig. We need to start cost-cutting with our luho so we can pay our loan in advance. 

Hubby released his 12month PDC to our developer.

After signing some papers, we get the key and visit the house.

Tami is excited with her new house. Gusto na nga tumira dun.


On Tami's room with Hubby, Sean and Tami.

Tambay muna with hubby and Mama.

Common CR...

Sean told us that he want swimming pool on the vacant lot on the back of the house, malaki pa kasi yung space...


After visiting the house, we walk a few meters and check some houses and designs.

Hubby saw this on the other side. He want the set-up of the house, the design of the terrace and the garage under and then open space on the side with garden and walkway.

Hay so many things to do pa and more money needed :(
Starting January, im going to start buying house stuffs, though were not planning to transfer agad because when i called Divine Light School in Molino, they will not accept Tami next school year kasi alanganin daw. We'll transfer her on her 1st grade of schooling. So for now, were staying in Las Pinas then visit the house once in a while.

Once the house is 100% done and the house stuff are complete, we plan of staying there on weekends. Di ko alam kung ano mararamdaman ko, excited na kinakabahan na hindi ko alam... Basta isa lang ang alam ko, we already have house that we can call our own and at the same time proud of ourselves because at 30 years old (Me) and 29 yrs old (Hubby), we were able to establish our family and  have investment like this.

Are you happy for us?

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  1. Yes, most definitely! I am so happy for you and your family. Hope you are able to complete your house soon. God bless you!