Nov 20, 2011

Gelatissimo's 3rd Birthday

Last Friday, i went to Greenbelt after hearing that Gelatissimo will be having it's promo of 50% off on all cups and cones as celebration of their 3rd birthday. I drop by first in BDO to do some bank errands then headed to Greenbelt 5 to avail of the promo.

Gelatissimo's award-winning gelato is made fresh daily in store to an
authentic family recipe. Made to the highest standards using the
finest natural ingredients and freshest produce.
Australia’s most popular gelato is now here in the Philippines!

Our ultra indulgent gelato is the quintessential Italian experience. At Gelatissimo, our premium dairy and sorbet flavours have been carefully developed to please every palate. As a low fat, creamy alternative
to traditional ice cream, Gelatissimo gelato is smooth, rich and simply irresistible. Visit our stores to be tempted by our brilliant range of
sundaes, premium roasted coffee, smooth gelato shakes
and our famous little Bambinos.

Happy 3rd birthday Gelatissimo!!!

Gelatissimo G5 branch anticipated the crowd and they put something outside so the people will fall in line and im one of them. The servers are really fast thats why we didn't wait that long. Thumbs up with the service!

People really love Gelatissimo's gelato... And if you're not sure of what to get you can ask them if you can taste the flavor that you want to try.

This is just half of the selection..

Prices are:

1 Scoop : P110.00
2 Scoops : P160.00
3 Scoops : P190.00

And here's what i ordered from the Promo:

My Chocolate truffle, Choco Mint and Raspberry Gelato, 3 scoops for only P95.00 :)

Oh! Desserts!

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