Nov 25, 2011

Corregidor Adventure Challenge

Our team always look for something that we can do together (team building) and when we saw the Corregidor Adventure Challenge promo, our team availed it for only PhP 998 per head. We called the Sun Cruises for our team schedule and we went there last Saturday.

We are total of 22 because some of my teammates bring some of their relatives like sister, brother, etc... We met at Sun Cruises ticketing office.

If you're availing Corregidor trip, be sure to go there before 7:00am.

Me on the ticketing booth.

After getting our ticket, flyers and the stickers, we waited for the free shuttle that will bring us to the port.

Sun Cruises Ferry that can accomodate 285 passengers..

Manila to Corregidor took almost 1 hour by ferry so prepare for something that will make you busy because its really boring unless you have someone to talk to while on board.

Tranvia or Trams are waiting for the tourists because those are the only means of transportation in the island. It is included in the trips.

We waited for our assigned tranvia and while waiting the coordinator briefed us how the challenge goes and what are we going to do. We also took some pictures in the area.

Starting point of the Challenge.

We are formed to 4 groups. Our team was divided into 2 teams that consists of 11 pax per team while the other teams are other tourists on that day.

Each will be given free kit that consists of 2 bottles of Poweraide and a bag where you can put some of your valuables.

Flashlights were also given because you will need this in some activities.

Getting ready for the challenge.

If you are physically fit and has lots of stamina to run, then you are qualified for this challenge.

Aside from running, there are challenges that you need to enter some old buildings to find the map or the next clue. This is the Corregidor version of Amazing Race.

Since we are not that active when it comes to sports or any activities, we get tired faster...

at the Duck Tunnel...

Usually tourists dont have the chance to do this but with this challenge grabe! You will enter 2 tunnels (duck walk tunnel and the japanese tunnel). Creepy to some especially those that have third eye or those people that easily sense something supernatural... hehe... Im a certified duwag pero instead na matakot ako, sobrang funny lang kasi ang kukulit ng mga officemates ko..

Every activity needs teamwork so you have to participate kasi pag kulang ng isa, the team will not start the activity so all should be attentive and faster.

The last activity that we did and would you believe that we won? Buti na lang mabilis yung isang kasama namin. If not for him, malamang talo kami kasi ang babagal namin eh... hehe

At the tranvia right after the last activity. Super tiring but we really had fun!

Picture muna while waiting for the others:

Our group with the other team...

We had lunch after the activity and we stayed in the area near the beach and where the zipline took place. We also waited for the tranvia that will bring us back to the Corregidor Port. Sa sobrang pagod, hindi na kami nakapag-ikot and picture... Kwentuhan and kulitan na lang on the place.

The team that won that day. Yay!

Our prize? The shirt that we wore in the picture. It was also our last picture in  Corregidor.

There are also souvenir stores in Corregidor so don't forget to grab something as a remembrance of the trip, here's what i got:

Corregidor's Ref Magnet (as usual it will be added to my collection). Ref Magnet has been my collection since i started travelling and it was also my mom's habit to collect something from every place we've been to. 

I can say that Corregidor Adventure Challenge is really great for Team building and i must say that this is the real team building because it has activities that needs teamwork and everyone's cooperation . It is highly recommended...

Try nyo because it was really fun!

This challenge costs P2,098 per head and we're just lucky to get it for only P998. You can call the Sun Cruises office for inquiry or reservations.

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