Nov 1, 2011


I took this photo for hubby's sister. She also bought house from the developer where we bought our house and lot and she wants to see kung ano na ang itsura... Our house and lot is located in the same phase of the subdivision but were 2 blocks away from them.

Taken on the side, 70% construction.

If i were to decide, ayoko pang lumipat because of Tami. Ang hirap iwan sa yaya... at least with my in-laws im comfortable na hindi napapabayaan si Tami because they really taking care of my daughter. 

Hay still dont know what to do... i even told hubby na paupahan na lang kaya namin yung house pero ayaw nya at baka masira daw... Hubby said na kung ayaw ko pang lumipat, dun muna kami sa house ng in-laws ko then during weekend dun kami stay sa new house... hhhmmm what do you think?

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