Nov 21, 2011

Noel Bazaar at World Trade Center 2011

After our Corregidor Adventure Challenge (on my next post because im still waiting for some pics), four of us (Jhoy, Ayen, Hugh and me) went to Noel Bazaar in World Trade Center to check if there are fab finds in the bazaar. Medyo maaga pa kasi that time and nasa vicinity na rin naman kami ng WTC so we used the spare time in the bazaar before going home.

Noel Bazaar happens every year and its been my yearly habit to visit the bazaars in WTC especially during this christmas season because there are some items that are nice for Christmas, be it personal or for gift to my loved ones etc...

Bazaars in WTC has an entrance fee of P50.00, don't worry kasi hindi naman sayang yung bayad dun because it will go to charities. So nakapag-shopping ka na, nakatulong ka pa dba?

Bazaars in WTC usually offers common goods that you can see in Greenhills, Divisoria or to some other shopping centers but its up to you if you will grab it or not. Sometimes people that are busy with their work or sometimes they dont have time to shop in Divisoria, bazaars will be one of their option to go to but if you are adventurous to look for fab and really cheap items, Divisoria is the place for you.

Anyway, There are lots of stalls inside WTC and here are some stall na may nakita akong fab and cheap items...

This stall offers original Oshkosh Clothes for kids and i find the skirt nice for girls ages 3 to 7 years old, they also have for babies too.

The nice Oshkosh set costs P880/set.

There are also lots of overruns from Aeropostale, A&F etc... Shirts and polo shirt ranges from P280 to 450.00

I love the skirts but i didnt bought any clothes for my daughter because my cousin bought her clothes in the US already.

There are also stalls that offers home furniture or for display in the house, take this booth as an example, they offer wood paintings, for display etc.... According to them, they have branches in some malls including Greenbelt etc.

I liked 2 items from this stall, the one that has mirror and the Mother and Child design.. I want sana for our house...

But for P18,000 as the cheapest price, I don't have plans of buying it... haha

Ichigo Shoes Booth

Its my first time to see this name and i liked their collections. Ichigo shoes are available in The Ramp in Glorietta and i like the off-white color with P820.00 price tag.  Sayang walang size, will visit The Ramp in Glorietta soon.

There are also lots of food stalls inside.

Ping-Ping's Lechon

And here's the best stall that i saw:

The distributor of Ipanema and Grendha has booth too and they offer authentic products and has big discounts of up to 60% off.

I bought Tami one.

Ipanema flip-flops for tami that has 60% off...

From P545.00, i got it for only P200.00

 Such a steal, right?

There is also one booth selling honeys and other products. When i learned that their honeys are pure i didnt hesitate to buy, it is Tami's vitamins kasi.

When tami was still a baby (around 6mos) we give her honey as vitamins. Some will not believe that its good for the body and yung iba nagtataka because we gave her honey at such a young age but we didnt mind them, we even asked Tami's pedia about it and said there's nothing wrong taking honey as long as her tummy can take it. Good thing that my baby's tummy that time can take honey and i guess its also one reason that she's healthy kahit na payat sya, according to her pedia, she has a strong immune system and i give the credits to honey. Whenever we have pure honey, yun lang pinapainom namin sa kanya and pag naubos na that's the time that i will use those vitamins that can be bought in drugstore.

This pure honey costs P150.00 only

After seeing all the stalls inside, we decided to go to MOA then because my officemate want to check Lacoste if they have an on-going sale and we went also to some Cellphone shops to check some gadgets.

We also have our dinner in MOA Foodcourt, dahil sa sobrang gutom at pagod, hindi na kami naghanap ng iba... We chose this food stall that offer Lechon Macau, Roast Pork etc...

For P98.00, you have this meal... medyo hindi nga lang masarap. hehe... Pwede na rin kung gutom just like us, kiber kung hindi masarap basta makakain lang...

Nakapag-shopping ka na ba? 

Me? Hindi pa eh.. Will try this coming weekend **cross-finger**

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