Nov 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Shopping in Divisoria

My in-laws were supposed to go in Divisoria last week pa but since they knew that im going there and will buy lots of toys, they moved their sked kung kelan ako available para may sasakyan at hindi ako mahirapan magdala nung toys. I am lucky because we dont have work last friday because of the Thanksgiving celebration in the US. Most of the agents went to Divisoria to shop and we also go there na rin because we anticipated the crowd on weekends.

There is this building full of toys near Divisoria Mall and its one of my agenda in Divisoria. It is the first place that i went to before shopping for our personal loots. I bring my list of godchildren and limit my budget of P6,000 only for the toys. Nakabili na rin kasi ako last time nung nag-sale ang Toy's R Us in ATC kaya konti na lang kulang ko.

Here are some loots that i got, i have to haggle with the price and the saleslady in one of the big store gave me discount provided that i will buy 6pcs for each kind to get the wholesale price.

I saw this design in Toy Kingdom catalogue and this costs around P1k++. This is P400 in divisoria, the lady gave this for only P350.00 each. 

Toy Kingdom has this design too. From 220.00, i got it at P180.00

Toy Story na parang robot. From P180, P150.00 na lang.

This microphone that has MP3 from P300.00 to P250.00

Barbie Like Toy (from P180 to P150)

One of my godchildren requested a Jacket as christmas gift. So i bought this Minnie Mouse Jacket for her. I got it for only P280.00

Buti na lang pina-box ko yung mga toys kung hindi naku baka hindi lang isa ang nabuksan ni Sean at Tami...

In fairness, maganda yung microphone toy at walang ginawa si Tami kundi kumanta, sinasabayan yung music ng papa nya. I made the right decision in buying this toy.

After buying toys and bringing it all in the van, we separate again to buy our personal stuff. After an hour of walking, my sister in law texted me because our aunt called Papa if he can accompany them to Tanay Rizal, they had no choice but to leave early. Ako naman, instead na umuwi i texted my officemates, joined them and start shopping again for our personal stuff.

Some of our officemates that we saw in Divisoria (taken in the 3rd flr of 168 mall)

And who said na ako lang ang shoppingera? Nakikita nyo ba yang mga bag nila? Hindi pa tapos yan because we took this photo around 3pm pa lang and we're not yet done pa nyan.. 

Here are our personal loots:

For Hubby:

Abercrombie Polo shirt (from P280 to P250.00)
Abercrombie short (from P300 to P280.00)

For Tami:

Hello Kitty stuff (as promised)

Bracelet  P100.00
Toothbrush P70.00
Earrings P50.00
Cup P35.00

P60 Blouse (it was nice in person)

Another fab find blouse with rose brooch design in same fabric 
(very much like Zara) at P60 only..

We bought it in 3rd floor of 168 mall with my officemates..

RL dress P280.00

For Me:

White Polo-Blouse from P280 to P250

Nice blouse from P280 to P250 each. 

I bought 2 in diff colors because i love its soft fabric..

Printed Blouse P350

Angry Bird Shirt (from P250 to P200)

Our team christmas party theme is Angry bird so we look for Angry Bird shirt as our outfit. Nice naman ng fabric and i think worth it naman sa price.

Hat P75

Will wear this on our department's Christmas Hat Party.


Necklace (range from P50 to P120)
Rings (3 for P100)
Bracelet (not in pic) P50
Earrings (3 for P100)

Swatch watch for only P100

Two of my officemate bought this watch and we saw it while having our merienda on the foodcourt of 168 mall. After seeing this, Chucky and I decided to buy also para pare-pareho kami...

Im not fan of buying branded items na fake naman and this is an exception! haha... For P100 hindi ka naman manghihinayang dba? 

Baker's Fair Hopia

Ang hindi mawawala sa shopping list ko whenever we go in Divisoria..

When im home and took all the photos, i tried the accessories:

I love the owl ring...

Bracelet and another fave ring... Nice no?

Shopping in Divisoria makes me tired and costly but it was super fun especially with friends.. Whole day is not enough in divisoria.. oopppss! pati pala budget ko :) I went there with P6,000 budget for the toys and P2,000 for my personal loots pero kinulang pa rin and i withdrew another P1,500 for my last round of shopping. Success naman ang shopping galore namin kahit nag-over budget ako..

Siguro 13th month pay was made for christmas shopping talaga no? After shopping in Divisoria and completing the gifts for my godchildren and other kids, my only problem now is the gifts for my relatives... Eto ang pinaka-challenging for me because i have to look for fab gifts talaga..

Till my next shopping escapade :)

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