Nov 13, 2011

S&R The Fort

Last friday, our team went to S&R the fort branch for our lunch out. It was also celebration of Ayen's birthday kaya treat nya yung pizza... Woot! Woot!

Our lunch out started at 10:30am so the store is not that crowded pa. We had all the time for us to choose what we want...

Ayen's Pizza Treat:
Combo Flavor

My fave Garlic Shrimp

Some of us also bought other food Parang Patay-gutom lang:

Most of the team ordered the Chicken Rice meal at P99.00 per meal.

The chicken was big and they ended up bringing some in the office...

Chicken Baked Roll.... P99.00

My teammate and i shared with the Chicken Roll. Its my first time to try their chicken roll because i always go with the beef roll. Chicken roll does not dissapoint but i think mas masarap yung beef roll.

Bottomless Soda P45.00

Some of the team...

The birthday girl, Chucky and Jane

Me, Mai and Jhoy

Some did not expect that the servings in S&R are big that's why they feel bloated after eating their meal. We brought the remaining pizza in the office but the plan of eating it again on merienda did not happen because our department sponsor a Pizza-all-you-can that day! The date 11-11-11 becomes Pizza day to us.

I know that hubby likes Beef Baked Roll in S&R that's why i ordered beef roll and 2 pcs Churros for me and Tami.

S&R has a promo now. Check it out:

After eating our lunch, we still had few minutes so we went inside S&R store and look for something to buy. We cant go around the store kasi wala na ring time. While the others bought chips and chocolate, i bought naman this lotion na bago sa paningin ko:

Vaseline Sheer Infusion.

As i was said, we brought the remaining S&R pizza in the office, we also had Shakey's pizza-all-you-can courtesy of our department. Since we are all full from the S&R lunch-out, we take home the S&R pizza and the Shakey's pizza... hehe

Imagine, i went home with 2 slices of Shakey's pizza, 2 slices of S&R pizza, my beef roll and churros take out order. It became our 2nd dinner last friday and what's good about the beef roll was the bread is still soft even if we bought it from lunch time and ate it on dinner. No need to pre-heat, my in-laws liked it too.

I wanna go back again in S&R!

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