Apr 19, 2011

DIY Lootbags and Prizebags

Aside from the Pabitin, i prepare prizes for the games and here is the result of my Do-It-Yourself Lootbags and Prize Bag. Tell me if its nice ok?

This is the Prize Bag

The contents of the Prize Bag

The Lootbag

The contents of the lootbag

And after the DIY lootbags and Prize Bags...

The Prize Bag results to 20pcs Bags and the Lootbags are 30pcs.... Since some of the kids here in our neighbor wont make it to the party, we just gave the kids some lootbags at syempre sa paborito ni tami na baby, yung Prize bag ang binigay namin.. hehe.. discrimination?

Anyway, if you want to make a DIY lootbags for your kids, i suggest this because its really nice when displayed in the party, yun nga lang mejo pricey sya compared to plastic lootbags that can be bought in divisoria.

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