Apr 26, 2011

Uniwide Warehouse Mall

After going to HBC, i headed to Uniwide to window-shop. For those who dont know about this. This warehouse is full of merchandise, you just have to look for nice and fab items. When we transferred here in our apartment, we bought some in Uniwide Warehouse club like the trash can, laundry clips, hangers etc and i also bought some stuff for Tami's party favors here.

Goods are so cheap here. Im planning to go back here for some items that is nice for display in our future house. Just wanna share to you guys what caught my interest:

Cookie Jar

I think its PhP 199.00. Cute isn't it?




Lots of Jars and vases...

Big Jars that are nice for living room display..

This is what im looking for. According to my cousin (Kuya Bing will be my interior design to our future house). The design of our house is perfect for asian/zen theme design. So i started looking for furnitures and other design that is perfect our theme.

Cute piggy banks...

Cookie Jar again. Im going to buy these next time..

After satisfying myself in window shopping, i went to Starmall to buy merienda for hubby and me. Hubby texted that he wants KFC so i bought the meal for him.. I also bought 2pcs empanada in Yumpanada kiosk for me.

Our merienda..

After eating our merienda, i took picture of what i bought in the Uniwide:

Toiletries pouch

Stick-on pads

Mickey Mouse album

I bought this so i can put tami's 5th birthday party photos here.

Go visit Uniwide Warehouse mall and for sure you'll love it especially if you need party favors, there are lots of toys and other stuff there and super cheap pa!


  1. really, they are still open? which branch is this?

  2. Hi. Yup Uniwide is still open offering different kinds of goods. Branch is in Las Pinas and they also have in Coastal Mall and in Sucat.