Apr 23, 2011

Tami's 5th Birthday

Last April 16, 2011, we held the 5th birthday party of my daughter in my in-laws house. It was a 2 weeks preparation and we had the Mickey Mouse theme birthday party. And all i can say is it was such a hit to the kids and my daughter really enjoyed her party. She never get scared of the clowns, she participates in the games and even won once. She's really a grown-up now! It’s insane to me to think that it’s been 5 years since Tami was born. She is no longer a baby … she’s my little girl now.

Here are some photos from the party. Though we dont have a bonggang celebration for her. What important is she enjoyed playing with her classmates and cousins.

The celebrant with the lootbags.

Some of the kids. We took some pics before the Clowns started their games...

If blowing of the candle is not part of the program, I would not bother getting a cake. Cakes are the least touched in almost all the parties i attended to. Party ends and guests say farewell and the cake was still there beautifully placed on the now empty table. Poor cake :(  Going back to party, since I do not want to waste more money, we decided to go the most practical way, buying a simple cake from Goldilocks, and oh by the way, the cake was my FIL's gift to Tami :)

Tami blowing out the candle. This is the part that she's waiting, she'd be wanting to blow a candle on her own party. After the blowing of the candle, the guests started having their merienda.

Tami's bday party food (Merienda-Dinner)
Pancit Malabon from Amber
Pichi-Pichi from Amber
Hotdog on stick
Fried Chicken
Grilled Blue Marlin
Kinilaw na Blue Marlin
Fried Lumpia
Beef Kaldereta
Fruit Salad

The kids while listening to the Clowns.


Below are the family pictures:

Me and my little girl..

With some of my officemates

With hubby's agents. Some of hubby's agents went home early. They started drinking liquor at 7PM then transferred to our apartment at around 9PM.

The kids at night. I took this pic around 8pm. The party is almost ended and my daughter is still full of energy.

I love how the DIY party turned out! The advantage of partying in the house is you can stay longer unlike doing it in some known establishment wherein you have to monitor the time because usually it has only 2hrs allowed time.


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