Apr 18, 2011

Restday Sunday :)

I created this post yesterday but forgot to published. Here it is:

Today is our restday from the tiring party. After lunch hubby and i watched tv, we stayed in the house because we just want to relax from yesterday. While watching tv, hubby saw that Solar shows the life of Manny Pacquio from his humble beginnings to present where he and Jinkee meet the President of the United States. So lucky of them!

I know that Manny's life already showed here in the Philippines in one of the local channel but this is the first time that we watched it. Galing ni Manny!

Despite being poor, he managed to go up and now he's helping his countrymen by being one of the political icon here in our country. Sana magtuloy-tuloy ang pagtulong nya :)

And while watching, i am having a pedicure..hehe. Good thing is i dont need to hire manicurist because tami's yaya knows how to do it. And not only that, she also gave me massages everytime i want it because she was enrolled and trained in TESDA. I am giving her some moolah for the extra service she gave us.

My newly cleaned nails...

Im not into nail colors, i just want it clear to maintain the color of my nails, i heard that everytime you put colors in your nails, in the long run it will become yellowish and i dont want that to happen.

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