Apr 24, 2011

Ate Tata's Birthday

Last thursday was the birthday of tami's yaya and i didn't know it, i just read from her post in FB that its her birthday. When i arrived in the office, i texted and call her to get PhP 1,000 from my wallet in our cabinet and instructed her to buy cake in Red Ribbon and ingredients for Pancit Bihon so she can invite some of her friends to our house and celebrate her birthday.

She texted me back after 2 to 3 hours and she told me that she already bought cake from Red Ribbon and ordered Pancit Bihon in Aling Lucy's Panciteria near Red Ribbon.

Red Ribbon's White Forest - its her choice of cake.

She took this pic for my blog, since i was in the office, they celebrate her birthday here in our apartment with her friends. When i arrive, she told me that she make fruit salad again from the Remaining fruit cocktail and milk on my canned goods display.

The remaining pancit bihon when i arrive.

They were about to leave then because its Maundy Thursday and they joined my inlaws in going to church. Since hubby and i was tired from work, we stayed in the house and ate our dinner.

Fashionista Tami

Using her new Hello Kitty bag..

Tired of waiting...

We were about to dinner when tami munches on the remaining cake.

I like Aling Lucy's Pancit bihon, full of veggies and its really tasty. I also liked the White forest from Red Ribbon, buti na lang tinirhan nila ko... Dami kong nakaing pansit that time. Even hubby was full from ate tata's birthday food.

Happy Birthday Ate Ta...

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