Apr 11, 2011

Party Favors in Divisoria Mall

Due to some emergency, my in-laws wasn't able to accompany me in Divisoria so i went to Divisoria alone with PhP4,500 with me and my coin purse. My main agenda is to buy tokens and giveaways for Tami's birthday. I headed to Divisoria Mall basement area as instructed by my officemates/friends where almost all party needs are being sold. It is my first time in that area and my eyes feasted on the colorful things and for a while I was mental blocked for I did not know where to start! Thank God I was able to regain my focus and I look for the things I needed which is banner, toys and other things for the lootbags.

Merchandise in the basement area of Divi Mall.

I thought that Mickey/Minnie Mouse things are so easy to find and boy i was wrong! The things i saw are mostly Ben10, Spongebob, Princess etc. Hay.. if only i can changed the theme that time.

I almost stayed in that area for almost 3 hours! Can you imagine that?

The loots

 All these things that i bought are good for 30 kids lootbags, i will buy additional toys for the game prizes and for the pabitin and candies in the mall. I saw lots of candies but i dont want to buy candies there for some reasons. Mahirap na baka japeks din ang mga candies dun. hehe

I also looked for nice paper bags where i will put all those tokens but all are common so i remember the do-it-your-own loot bags that i saw in the net so i looked for some materials and it lead me to Sto. Cristo street in Divisoria. Naligaw pa ko dito. Buti na lang helpful yung ibang tao dun.

Then i headed next to 168 Mall to eat my lunch on the 3rd floor of 168 mall. I chose none other than Tokyo Tokyo! hehe

My lunch from Tokyo-Tokyo..

After i ate lunch, i went to the Pay Restroom to pee and clean my feet from all the mud from the streets going to Divi Mall. My feet is so dugyot! haha

P10.00 for the Pay Restroom..

So for those who want to pee on the clean toilet and no more falling in line. This is the answer! hehe

After cleaning my feet and feel refreshed, i walked around the 168 mall and bought some fab items.

Shorts for Hubby

Bad trip tong shorts na to! I bought this nice shorts at P550.00 but when i go to the other side of the 3rd floor, i saw this on sale at 50% off. Paksh*t! Sayang yung P200.00.. Tsk. Tsk.

Kids Leggings for Tami..

I bought this 2pcs for only P150.00 because tami's size is large. If your kid's size is small or medium, the price of this is P50.00 each.

Office Blouse for me P380.00

Is it nice?

Undies for Tami at P10.00 each.

After buying some stuff for ourselves and as much as i want to buy more office blouses for me, wala na kong choice kundi umuwi kasi wala na kong pera... Poor me :(

I arrived home with only coins left in my pocket...

Trip to Divisoria is always tiring, yet so much fun. Can't wait for my next Divisoria tour **calling my officemates again** Promise, I will go back after Tami's birthday.


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  2. Thanks Charenn29 for the compliment :)