Apr 24, 2011

Hair Treatment from HBC

Yesterday (sat) i was alone in the house because hubby reports to work and tami and her yaya join my inlaws in Laguna for swimming. After completing my posts from Tami's birthday, i waited hubby then leave for Uniwide Mall.

Two weeks ago, one of my officemate/friend told us that she uses this Black Pelan from HBC, her hair is soft and shiny because of this hair treatment. After emptying my Loreal and Cream Silk Hair Treatment, i decided to go to HBC and look for this Black Pelan that my officemate uses. My other teammate tried this Black Pelan already and according to her it makes her hair soft also that's why i am really intrigued with this product.

So i went to Uniwide when hubby arrived from work. Good thing it was opened that day.

Different kinds of hair treatment that i bought from HBC. I learned that this Black Pelan and others are from Hortaleza Professional. According to my officemate, she tried it all but stay with the Black Pelan. Hiyang daw kasi sya dun.

Just wondering if this hair treatment is also the product of the Hortaleza that sells beauty things or things uses in Manicure and Pedicure? Is it exclusive only to HBC stores?

Black Pelan

This contains Black Pelan silt - an organic substance which is rich in minerals and lipids. Its botanical and mineral components condition the hair and scalp for a healthier scalp and smoother and shinier hair. Its also formulated with Jojoba oil and Vitamin E to make hair healthy.

Coco Milk Hot Oil Treatment

This helps restore luster and shine to dull and damaged hair. Its intensive moisturizing formula conditions hair and scalp to give healthier and glossy hair.

Hair Spa Treatment

It is formulated to help revive damaged hair. Ideal for color-treated hair and hair that has undergone rebonding, straightening and relaxing treatments.

I think this is perfect for me... Will try this next week.

Keratin Hot oil Treatment

This helps restore moisture and replenish protein to hair that has lost its elasticity due to heat styling, excessive combing or exposure to harsh chemicals. This hair revitalizing treatment cream is also formulated with Vitamin E to help nourish scalp and make hair shiny and soft.

I tried the Black Pelan this morning and i think it has good results. Each sachet can use twice. You just have to apply it to a towel dry hair and if you have shower cap put it on for a few minutes before rinsing. And its really cheap! Would you believe that each sachet costs only P11.00? Yes it is! Super mura diba? San ka pa!

And they also have promo running now. If you want to have a moment with Papa P, go buy at HBC amounting to P200.00 for a chance to win a trip to Bora!

Kala ko magiging kasing-ganda ni Papa P yung promo... hehe

I learned a lot from my officemates on where to buy cheap clothes etc, they knew all the things with cheap prices that has good qualities. I wonder what's next.


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