Apr 4, 2011

Selecta Hershey's Collection

Last Saturday, when hubby and i went to SM Center for merienda, we do a quick grocery in Hypermarket. While im on the raw foods section, i told hubby to get ice cream for Tami and get me chocolates since im busy getting some raw meats.

When he comes back to where i am, he handed me this ice cream with Reese's chocolate. He told me to try it because its looks delish. Ice cream and chocolate in one.

800ml pint = PhP 135.00

This New ice cream from Selecta is rich in Chocolate flavor loaded with chunks of Reese's Peanut butter chocolate! Yummy..

When its time to try it at home, i open the tub and looks like its just a regular chocolate ice cream but as you dig the ice cream, it has bits of Reese's chocolate. Its really good. Hubby said its rich in chocolate flavor with after taste of peanut butter aside from the bits of the chocolate.

I am on my diet but i can't resist to try this. The perfect chocolate/ice cream indulgence :)


  1. i love reese's chocolate...and i really love this ice cream...

  2. Thanks Ecka for visiting my blog. Yeah Reese's my fave too!