Apr 24, 2011

Expenses for a Budgeted Kid's Party

Budget is the most important thing we considered in giving our daughter her 5th birthday party. As much as we wanted to give her a bonggang party, its not possible during these times because we are still saving up for the interior of our future house. But we still give her the party that she wants, only on a budget and most of it is a do-it-yourself thing-y.

I want to share how it goes for some mommies thinking of having a kiddie party on a budget. Will put all the cost for my daughter's 5th party so you can have an idea for every detail of the party.

VENUE. With my daughter's 5th party, we chose to held it in my in-laws house. The party was supposed to be in Mcdonalds but they want it in the house for some reasons like the time, we all know that partying in some known establishment has limited time only and they dont want it, hubby also want it in the house because all his agents went there and they have drinking session after. Maybe on Tami's 7th party will be outside na.

INVITATION. Invitation will give the idea of the birthday's theme so might as well design it the way you want it. There are lots of ways on how to have a nice invitation. Of course bonggang invitation means high price. If you know someone who knows adobe photoshop (the easy way), ask them to design your invitation so you can have the theme and design you want. In my case, my cousin design the invitation and i have it printed in photoline shop in SM that cost P7.00 each. 

(30pcs x 7.00 = PhP 210.00)

PARTY FAVORS. This is one of the important thing when throwing a kiddie party. There are lots of stores you need to visit in order for you to get all the needs for the party's theme. When my daughters 5th birthday, i went all day to the basement of Divisoria mall just to buy loots for the lootbags, pabitin, game prizes but this does not end then because i have to go to some place like SM and Uniwide to complete all those. I suggest before thinking of a theme for the party, visit Divisoria first to know the "in" characters. With my experience, we chose the Mickey / Minnie Mouse theme party but when i went to Divisoria, all i see was Spongebob, Ben10, Princess because it was the "in" character that time. Thanks to SM and Uniwide because they have Mickey mouse stuff...

Divisoria stuff - PhP 4,500
Uniwide stuff - PhP 958.00
SM stuff - PhP 690.00

Total of Party favors cost - PhP 6,148.00

OTHER PARTY NEEDS. This includes the Clowns, Chairs and tables rental. With all these, i got it from Lobocap Las Pinas, its the nearest party shop in our place and everytime we have an occasion, we always go there.

2 Clowns with free 20 twisting balloons- PhP 2,000
Tables and chairs (adult)  6 sets x 130.00 = PhP 780.00
Kids table and chairs 5 sets x 70.00 = PhP 350.00
Mother Balloon 3 x 40.00 = PhP 120.00
Tip to the clowns = P300.00

Total for the other party needs = PhP 3,550.00

CAKE. Its part of the party already so you have to buy one but we go to the most practical way. My daughter's party cake was the gift of my FIL. Nakakahiya naman kung bibili ako ng mahal diba? So we bought it in Goldilocks. I will not include this on the budget because its not me who pay for it. But for everyone's concern ill put it here, the price of the cake that we bought is only P830.00. Its the biggest in square size and in chocolate chiffon... Wala lang design kaya mura.                      

FOOD. This is the most expensive part of the party. My first budget was P 6,000 but its really not enough because i have to shell out again to complete the merienda-dinner food and we prepare it to at least 100 pax. This does not include the Spaghetti and Carbonara because it was my MIL's courtesy.

Initial Cash-out = PhP 6,000.00
Second budget = P  1,875.00 (BBQ, Patatim and fried lumpia)
Amber's food delivery = PhP 1,310 (Pancit Malabon, Pichi-Pichi + delivery charge of P150.00)
Grocery = PhP 2,157.00 (grocery for the Fruit salad ingredients, candies and chichiria)
2nd grocery = PhP 458.00 (last minute grocery like additional ribbon and some needs for the salad)

Total cost for the food = PhP 11,800.00


Invitation = PhP 210.00
Party Favors = PhP 6,148.00
Other Party Needs = PhP 3,550.00
Food = PhP 11,800.00

Total = PhP 21,708.00

This does not include the cost of our birthday outfits, the liquors that hubby bought after the party and some of the little cost on the day of the party. During the party, make sure you have money on your pocket because sometimes there are some emergency needs like tip to the clowns etc.... If i will include the cost of our outfit, the liquors, it costs us almost P30,000.00.

There you have it! You will now have an idea of the expenses of having a budgeted kid's party.

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