Apr 2, 2011

Simple Pleasures to Sweet Tooth

 I love eating chocolates especially those na galing US, iba ang lasa ng chocolates na galing dun compared d2 sa Philippines. But its not everytime that we have chocolates in our fridge. And i will not buy those expensive chocolates as our everyday sweets lalo na ang Royce, kahit favorite ko sya hindi ako bibili all the time just to satisfy my sweet tooth. I have alternative to those and I wanna show you my simple pleasures.

Cloud 9 Chocolate Fudge

It was recently that my officemate bought this bars in our office and we tasted it, so far so good. And now everytime i do grocery, i always grab a pack so we have something to bite after our meals. Cloud 9 has Berry Burst flavor also.

LALA Milk and Chocolate

This has been my all-time favorite since i was a kid. Natigil lang when i went to college, i thought this has been phased out in the market, nagulat na lang ako one time when i saw one of my officemate eating this Lala. Meron pa pala. Nagpapabili pa ko sa kanya sa lugar nila yun pala meron din sa SM grocery, and they have bite size now. Hay..sarap..

Do you have simple pleasures?

1 comment:

  1. i still prefer the original clud 9. i also love flat tops, chocnut and fibisco choco mallows!