Apr 10, 2011

All about my Mother..

Its my Mom's Birthday yesterday (April 9) and i haven't blog about her yesterday because i am occupied with all the things for Tami's birthday. And before i post what i did yesterday, let me tell you something about my family especially my mother.

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Hindi naman sa pagmamayabang, pero ang Mama ko is really beautiful inside and out (this is according to those who knew her) though sandali ko lang syang nakasama, she proved to me that she is one of the best mother. All i know is she and my father tied the knot at the age of 21. My mother works as Secretary (my aunt told us that my Mom's office was in Bangko Sentral in Manila) and my father is an Aeronautical Engineer who works in the airport of Saudi Arabia. Years after, she had 3 lovely kids :) And we lived happily in Laguna (Parang fairy tale lang no?)

Then the time comes that she was diagnosed with Cancer but even if she has disease, she never shows weakness to us instead she did her regular routine and she's still happy because she knew that she will be going to heaven :)

She passed away when i was in Grade 6. I graduated my elementary years with only my father walked with me. When my mother is gone, we were left in the care of my grandmother na hindi kami pinabayaan. And i was grateful for that.

Now my father has his own family now. We accepted her new wife kasi naman my mother died at the age of 36, ang bata pa nila kaya ok lang mag-asawa Papa ko that time and we knew her 2nd wife and we treat her as our second mom or what we call Tita. I have one stepsister with her.

Anyway, i want to greet my mother a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I know you are proud of what i became Ma. I love you and I miss you  **teary eyed**

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