Apr 17, 2011

Yummy Left-overs...

One of the advantage of having a party in the house is that the left-over food will be extended to some. Some of the visitors has take home food because we anticipated of at least 80 to 100 guests so we cooked a lot and the guests that came are only 60 to 80 pax. And for that, they had baon from the party aside from the lootbags and the prizes that we gave.

Of course, aside from the visitors, kami ang pinakamaraming nauwing food! And today (sunday), it is our lunch... Here it is:


The patatim that MIL cooked is so dami because hubby requested it for their pulutan at the drinking session here in our apartment after the party. And we also also had it in our lunch. Buong-buo pa!

Blue Marlin Kilawin

When MIL asked me what i want, i told them i want the kilawin. Kilawin is a raw fish cooked in vinegar and if you love Japanese Food (sushis) definitely you'll love Kilawin and FIL cook the best Kilawin. It's his specialty that everyone in their family and friends always request kilawin either in Blue Marlin or Tanigue.


No, its not leftover. hehe Just showing to complete the yummy lunch.


If you're eating raw food, better to have Coke because it helps to digest the food. See hubby? Ang daming nakain nyan. Sarap ng food eh!

Fruit Salad

This is the dessert i made for the party. Kasi naman hindi ako marunong magluto kaya eto na lang! In fairness masarap sya and everyone loved it. Almost all of them requested to take home of the fruit salad, buti na lang sobrang dami kong ginawa.

Hay sarap...


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