Apr 17, 2011

Last Minute Purchase for Tami's Birthday

I filed a halfday Vacation Leave last friday to do the errands for my daughter's 5th birthday and that includes the ordering of cake in Goldilocks, ordering food in Amber's, completion of my do-it-yourself lootbags, party prizes and the outfits.

I leave the office at 11:30am and headed to SM southmall because it was our plan to do grocery and buy the other items needed for the party but since its late already (i arrive at SM Southmall around 3:00PM because of the heavy traffic from Admiral to Moonwalk), we decided to do the grocery in SM Center. We ate first in Karate Kid and its our third time there. Hubby really liked eating in Karate Kid and we saw our friend there together with his family. We settled on the table beside them so we can talk with them.

Here's our order from our third visit to the place:

California Maki for me

Beef Teriyaki for hubby

Gyoza for me

Tofu Furei for hubby

Red tea and the free Pepsi drink from Blockbuster meal

They also have promo now for their anniversary. Sayang nga lang we did not notice this leaflet. Nakita na lang namin after we ordered our food.

After eating merienda, we went to Folded and Hung because hubby wants to have blue shirt and i also bought the same color for tami's birthday.

Our shirts..

Then we go to 2nd floor at the kids section to look for Tami's shirt to match with her Guess jeans. And we saw this Pink blouse that is nice for her Jeans and pink sandals...

Hubby chose this design from Gingersnap.

After buying our clothes, we went to SM Center to do the last minute Grocery. The supposed to be leche flan as the dessert for tami's birthday was canceled so i decided to make Fruit Salad as hubby's request.

We also bought lots of candies and chichiria for the lootbags, game bags and the pabitin. And lastly the things needed for Fruit Salad.

Last friday was really tiring day for me because of all the errands i did, the last minute purchases and also the making of the Fruit Salad. I slept around 12:00 midnight because of the salad and preparing some of the party needs.

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