Aug 2, 2011

Clipper Gift Shop

Are you familiar with Clipper Gift Shop?

This Clipper Store in Alabang Town Center has been in the town for quite sometime and i find the items so cute. Perfect to look for a gift to our loved ones.

Last Saturday, while having dinner at Pho Hoa, hubby noticed a kid passed by the restaurant wearing an angry bird hat or bonet, he immediately thinks of buying one for Tami, and he knew where to buy that stuff and he told that we're going to Clipper after the dinner.

And so we went to Clipper store, its my first time actually to enter the outlet and i found out that there are really lots of cute things in the store. Cuteness overload it is!

Here's what we bought:

Angry Bird Hat or Bonet

Tami was delighted when she saw the angry bird design....

Nail Cutter

I was looking for a cute nail cutter for tami and i cant find one before, good thing we enter the clipper store where i bought this very cute design.. Very cheap also at P49.75.

Ref magnet

Since i was a kid i love things with magnet and when im in high school, i started collecting things that has magnet including ref magnets especially when i travel. Every place that i go to, ill make sure that i have ref magnet from that place. So imagine when i started travelling, i have lots of ref magnet on our fridge in Laguna and im planning to get that when its time to transfer to our new house.

While hubby paying for our purchases, i went around the store taking photos of what i found cute and that includes the following:

Mario Brothers items

Lots of Pens and Pencils

If our daughter is with us that time, for sure were not going home without these cute pens.

Stationeries... Hay... Heaven.

Pens again...

Lots of Pillows, stuff toys etc..

There you go! Konting photos lang kasi bawal pala ang cam inside. Buti na lang i have my blackberry so i can take photos in a simple way.. hehe

side view of the bonet, may tail pa..

The bonet when worn

Although its big for my daughter's head, pwede na sya because you can adjust the length of the bonet, you can fold the bottom part of the bonet.

Still Tami love what her Papa brought her :)

We'll be back in clipper on our next payday because we saw this huge Hello Kitty coinbank that is so nice and perfect for Tami's future room.

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