Aug 19, 2011

The So-Not-Express experience with LBC Express

I just want to share my experience with LBC. I thought they were as good as 2GO.

Before my cousin left Davao on a Saturday. She bought boxes of Pomelo for all of us and he used LBC as Courier. He sent boxes to Laguna, Cavite and Manila. He handed me the receipt and it stated there that we will expect the box after 24 hrs. Sunday and Monday came but no box arrived in our doorstep.

Kuya Bing and I decided to call LBC customer service Monday afternoon. The customer service said that the delivery van stated Incorrect address thats why we did not receive the box, i checked the receipt and all the information (name, address and my contact number) were correct. I got pissed off with the customer service so i handed the phone to Kuya Bing so he can talk with the agent.

The reasons why we get mad with LBC's customer service agent:

1. What is the point of getting the client's number if they will not call or text the client of the status of the package, granted that the address is not correct, why they didnt inform me, kung di pa ko tatawag di ko pa malalaman?

2. The customer service is not accomodating, she keeps on talking while we telling our concern. Sya pa ang galit! Leche!

3. They promised to call back and will inform us again incase they can expedite the package. But no call. Tsk Tsk...

Tuesday came and sa wakas, dumating ang box of Pomelo ko, it takes 4 days ang delivery. What if nabulok ang Pomelo, babayaran ba ng LBC yun?

This is my second time that i experience this with LBC. Now im having 2nd thoughts to use LBC for my online shop. Hindi maganda ang service and they charge us a big amount.

LBC the not so express service! Kairita!

Buti na lang hindi nabulok ang Pomelo..

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  1. bat ba naman kasi yong bagay pa na nabubulok ang epina LBC mo..