Aug 17, 2011

Red Kimono in ATC..

After our 1 hour session of diamond peel in Skin 101, i didn't expect that my friend will treat me to a restaurant. She asked me what i want, at first i was hesitant kasi nahihiya ako but she told me that its time to payback, when i was with her in our previous company, lagi ko syang treat because sometimes she has to make tipid with her money because she's supporting her family and now she was promoted to her work hence the treat.

I dont want to bring her in expensive restaurant kasi nakakahiya naman, libre na nga ko tapos sa mahal pa kaya i brought her to Japanese Restaurant which is Red Kimono.

Red Kimono is like more of an upgraded version of other Japanese Restaurant but cheaper compare to Omakase.

I was the one who ordered for us because its her first time in Red Kimono.

Here's what we had:

Soda for both of us.

Actually we both order a fruit shake but unfortunately all the restaurants along the Corte de las Palmas side are having problems with ice and that time the manager had to instruct one of the staff to buy ice cubes for the drinks kaya nabigyan din kami.

Red Dragon Roll

Would you believe that my friend didnt like Japanese food but when she tasted the red dragon roll, nagustuhan nya because it is great, sana lang medyo liitan yung cut kasi ang hirap kainin ng buo... hehe

Chicken Teriyaki Bento

I go with the safe one for my friend. I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki for her. She already tried it in Tokyo Tokyo and when asked about her food, she said para daw syang kumain ng tocino! haha


I was craving for yakisoba but go for Sukiyaki para may soup na rin. Its one of the best in Red Kimono. Actually the egg should be served raw on top of the noodles but i dont want the raw egg thats why i requested it to be cooked.

My friend Juliet...

The blogger..

We were about to ask the bill when we notice that our dessert wasnt serve kaya we called the attention of the waiter to serve the Vanilla ice cream that we ordered.

Our Vanilla Ice Cream..

Towards the end our early dinner was satisfying and my friend pay less than a thousand pesos.

Thanks Yhet for the treat. I will treat you when we go again to our diamond peel session at the end of the  month.

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