Aug 18, 2011

Vikings Luxury Buffet

The plan of meeting up last Sunday was moved to Monday because of my cousin whose not available that time and has meeting to attend to so i have to leave from work last Monday for our meeting.

We arrived early in the place and the moment we enter the restaurant, we already feel the ambiance Vikings has and you will already see their rates.

Vikings Rates

We were lead to our table 302 which is on window side overlooking the bay. According to some blogs that ive read prior to the meeting, the place can accomodate at least 600 pax.

Vikings buffet selection was also impressive. There were so much food and I didn't know where to start.

The buffet is separated into several stations, if im not mistaken there are 9 to 10 stations which is Asian, Western, Shabu-Shabu, Grilled as well as Filipino foods.

Some of the cold cuts..

Japanese entrees was also good with different makis and sushis and judging by the quality of food that were available that time, it became one of the must-try. Makis and sushis was the first plate that i had and i enjoyed the sashimi here.

The Western appetizers such as bread, soup, fresh green salads and also cold cuts.

Grilled Station

Hubby enjoyed the grilling section, wherein skewered marinated meats, raw seafood and fish prevailed. Among the grilled food, the grilled Salmon was the top choice of all we tried to. My cousin had to go back for another plate of Grilled Salmon and the Tuna Belly.

And they also have the Roast Beef and Lamb meat grilled station which is so good! You just have to fall in line because it is one of the busy station in the resto.

Not in the photo station:

Pasta and Pizza Station
Filipino-Western Station
Chinese Station

After attacking the food, save a little room for the desserts. Tons of different cakes and sweets and they also have ice cream station.

Aside from the dessert station, another glass stand for the additional sweets and cakes, this is also the station on where to get fruit shakes and ice cream.

The Juices

What i like with Vikings is that, with the rate they offer, the drinks are included in the price. And the drinks have variety too.. The juices, softdrinks and even fruit shakes! San ka pa? May beer and red wine pa!

We tried the juices and we liked it. The mango was good, not the powder type of juice, its like puree so i recommend the Mango and the Calamansi Juice.

Our photo on our first plate.

Hubby on my cousin's iPad..

Ui mukang gusto na nyang bumili.... hehe. He was looking for some design of the house in the net because our meeting was all about our house.

There's also this lavatory so no need to go to restroom just to wash your hands.

Dont forget to get only what you consume if you dont wanna pay extra.

 Check nyo nga kung nasulit ko yung buffet.. Here are SOME of my plates:


I went back for the Sashimi and the Salmon Sashimi was the best talaga. Its one of my fave among the Sashimi especially when dip to your customized sauce...


Another favorite of mine is the hakao. Siomai is also good, Juicy and meaty. The chicken feet was a fail.

This was my 2nd plate from the Pizza Section. The first plate consists of 2 kinds of Pizza, the Pepperoni and the Vikings Special, i didnt had the chance to taste the pizza on my first plate because hubby consume it all and according to him, he likes the Pepperoni over the Vikings Special.

I had to go back on the Pizza section to try the Pepperoni, i also try Barbecue and get hakao again.

Baked Oysters! Yum Yum!

Desserts Overload!

Leche flan, cheesecake, revel bar, ube cake and the fruit and mallows with the chocolate from the fondue.

Among these group, the cheesecake was the best.

There are 6 different flavors from the Ice Cream Section and being the Avocado lover, i had to taste it together with the Dark Chocolate.

My bet: The Avocado. Its was rich in taste that i had to go back and ask for the 2nd scoop.

I was so happy that time because i was supposed to be the one treating my 2 cousins because they will be giving their free service to my house as my Engineer and my Interior Designer but ended up treating by my cousin.. Thanks Engineer Damvin..

If you want to spoil yourself over a luxury buffet, head out to Vikings located in San Miguel Bay at the back of MOA. It’s great for big groups and they also have private function rooms for parties like birthday, christening etc. From the price, you just have to add 5% service charge and dont forget to leave a tip because the staff are so attentive and approachable too..


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