Aug 15, 2011

Busy Sunday

Since we stayed in the house last Saturday and hubby's officemate had a session that night, I decided to bring Tami and her yaya with me in ATC yesterday so she can play there while im having diamond peel with my friend.

Tami's japorms

First, Janssen and I met together with our daughters in ATC so they can play together.

Tami played there for almost an hour while im waiting for my friend. My plan is to leave Tami and her yaya in Dave's Funhouse while im having my diamond peel. I cannot leave them on the activity center alone because Tami's yaya was not familiar with ATC kasi first time lang nya, at least with Dave's funhouse, im comfortable that they're safe because they will not allow Tami to go outside without my consent.

Tami on the Carousel

When my friend arrived, i let tami ride the carousel first then went to Dave's Funhouse. Everytime tami play in Dave's funhouse, we always pay the unlimited time because she's enjoying her time there. What i did was, i pay unlimited time for Tami (P350.00), and also the yaya so she can go inside (P20.00).

After checking in at Dave's Funhouse, my friend and I went in Jollibee and bought 2 orders of Spaghetti and burger meal for Tami and the Yaya and went back at Dave's. I instructed the yaya to eat first her food then subuan na si tami while playing.

My friend and i went first to Rustan's, roam around while waiting for the time of our appointment in Skin 101 (on my next post)... While looking around, i check some items that i like and i also saw this:

Flats from Aerosoles... nice no?

Sale din sya from P3,445 to almost P2,500 na lang. I want the white!

Hay.. sana manalo ako sa lotto so i can buy all we want. Pero pipilitin ko munang tumaya :)

How's your weekend peeps?


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