Aug 19, 2011

The Ring

Its not the movie im talking about. This is all about Jewelry..

While in my Uncle's office, i asked Kuya Bing if i can take a photo of his ring and i want to show you the design because this is also the design of my Southsea Pearl Ring. The only difference is the color of the Pearl, Kuya Bing has the champagne color while i have the pearl white color.

Kuya Bing's Ring

Is it nice? Did you see the 3 lines underneath the Southsea Pearl? Its full of diamonds. Nice ring comes with a hefty price tag.

Now you wonder why i didnt show you the photo of my ring when i said that its also the design of my ring. Simple lang naman, wala pa kong extra moolah na pampagawa hehe.. Saka kulang pa ko sa diamonds :(

Haller ang mahal kaya! Guess how much Kuya bing's ring? Price will not go under PhP 80,000.00

Interested to buy his ring? You may contact me here in my blog.

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