Aug 8, 2011

Meet my Friends

Last Saturday, i went home in Laguna to see my friends. Good thing hubby has work that time so he accompany me first in Alabang before going to his office. I arrived in Laguna at around 8am and the first thing i did was to go to our house, rest and wait for them to fetch me. I created this post for you to meet my long-time friends.

At 10am, two of my friends fetched me in our house then we headed to Louise's house. They are my college friends in AMA Computer College, i took my first year in AMACC before transferring to Perpetual. When its time for me to transfer, nagkahiwa-hiwalay na kami, Rona leave for US while Louise transferred also to other school, the rest of the boys continue studying in AMA.

Even if we were in different places, our communication was constant. We never fail to text or call or sometimes visit each other and that we remain friends for more than 10 years and im so happy to have them.

Photos last Saturday:

We're only 6 na natuloy na magkita because some are not available pero ok lang because valid naman ang reason why theyre not coming.

Me, Earvin and Rona with her son..

Rona, Marlon (behind), Me and Earvin

Earvin is now working in DILG Laguna. He's one of the makulit among the boys. His wife is in London right now and he's living with his daughter Esha. Maybe soon they will be leaving also for London.

Marlon is now single and manage the family business. Their business is something to do with landscaping churva. Im proud of him because he's one of the maloko during our college days but look at him now, businessman ang loko at take note bigatin ang mga client. Lon, dont forget ang napag-usapan ntin sa landscape sa house namin ha..

Rona and I are friends since high school. She leave for the US and stay there for more than 5 years, he came home just to tie the knot with her boyfriend and now she is a full time wife while her hubby runs their business. 

Louise Ann, Rona and me

After having lunch in Louise Ann's house, we headed to Liliw and went to Jenesis house.

Picture muna while waiting for Jenesis outside their house.

(L-R) Louise, Marlon, Jenesis, Me and Earvin

Louise worked in Taiwan 3 years ago, now she's also a full time wife with grocery store and her hubby works in Qatar. Di ko lang alam ang work ng hubby nya. Im so happy with Louise because being an OFW, she managed to put her own business from her own money, acquire their own property and they now have their own house. Ganda ng house mo girl.

Jenesis works in a cruise ship (Carribean Cruise) and scheduled to leave tomorrow. Kaya pinuntahan namin. Her wife just gave birth a month ago kaya medyo busy ang loko kaya ayan kami ang pumunta sa house nya.

There you go.

I enjoyed the whole day with them. From our house to Louise's house to Jenesis house. Tiring but so happy. Super duper mega kwentuhan, reminiscing our happy college days. Walang tatalo sa samahan namin. Lahat ng kalokohan ginawa namin, inom d2, inom dun, tong-its d2, tong-its dun, gimik, sometimes we go to Manila without our parents permission, etc... hay sarap ng buhay college. My AMA life ends when i transferred to Perpetual. Pero ok din pala because i met my hubby :)

See you guys in October!


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